Volunteer Waiver

Volunteer Code of Conduct

As a volunteer for Aga Khan Foundation Canada (“AKFC”), I shall conduct myself in an appropriate manner in accordance with AKFC’s mission, vision and values as well as in accordance with its policies, standards, codes and other rules and requirements that may be in place from time to time. As a volunteer, I agree to demonstrate integrity, respect and professionalism to sponsors, donors, fellow volunteers, staff, participants and members of the general public and I will ensure that I comply with all applicable laws in the course of performing my duties.


Occasionally, as a volunteer at an AKFC event, I might be interviewed by the media about the event and my participation in such event. I agree that I will only represent myself as a volunteer working with AKFC and not as a “spokesperson” or “representative” for AKFC. I will exercise discretion at all times, and will be mindful of the potential impact of my statements and actions on AKFC. I agree that I will not make any other type of public statements without prior approval of AKFC Chief Executive Officer (CEO). I also agree to not publish anything related to my work or time as an AKFC volunteer without first obtaining the prior written approval from AKFC’s CEO.


Personal Information Consent and Photo/Video Permission


In connection with applying to become a volunteer and throughout my time as an AKFC volunteer, I may be asked to share certain of my personal information with AKFC such as name, age, email address, mailing address, interests, and similar or other information. This information may be used by AKFC and its representatives including senior volunteers and staff to, among other things, promote and encourage engagement with AKFC, administer the AKFC volunteer programs and/or to support an event for which I am or will be volunteering. I agree to allow AKFC to collect, use and store my personal information for such purposes and for such other incidental purposes. AKFC will comply with all legal requirements in connection with the collection, use and storage of my personal information.


Additionally, I also consent to the use of my name, image(s), likeness, voice and any video footage of myself in whole or in part in any or all of AKFC’s publications and materials in whatever medium or distribution channel and I understand and agree that no compensation will be provided to me for such use and/or distribution.



As an AKFC volunteer I may have access to personal and confidential documents, information or data. I agree that I shall not disclose any confidential information to any person without the express consent of the AKFC CEO or their designate or when required by law (with advance notice to AKFC).


Confidential information is information you obtain in the course of your volunteer work with AKFC, and includes, but is not limited to the identity of donors, sponsors, their contribution, pledge and payment amounts, their or their employees’ personal information including financial information and personal preferences and interests. I understand and agree that this confidentiality obligation exists for so long as I am an AKFC volunteer and shall continue even after I have ceased to be an AKFC volunteer. I agree to return all AKFC documents and other property of AKFC as soon as I cease to be an AKFC volunteer.


Parent/Legal Guardian Consent (For volunteers below the age of 18 years)

I hereby confirm that my Parent/Legal Guardian has authorized me to participate as a volunteer for AKFC’s events. My Parent/Legal Guardian has reviewed this document and accepts and consents to the above referenced terms on my behalf.