1. What is the World Partnership Golf tournament?
  2. How can I get involved?
  3. How does my contribution help end global poverty?
  4. What is Aga Khan Foundation Canada?
  5. How does AKFC help communities overcome poverty?
  6. How does AKFC implement its programs?
  7. What does AKFC do in Canada?

What is the World Partnership Golf tournament?

World Partnership Golf was launched nationally in 2000 by Aga Khan Foundation Canada. It’s an engaging and active way for Canadians to raise funds and awareness for projects to fight poverty in Asia and Africa. 

How can I get involved?

The tournaments, held in eight cities across Canada, offer participants the opportunity to play an active role in building a brighter future for everyone. Individuals and businesses can participate in World Partnership Golf in a variety of ways, from putting together foursomes to sponsoring and promoting tournaments across the country. 

How does my contribution help end global poverty?

Net proceeds from the World Partnership Golf tournaments help Aga Khan Foundation Canada support programs that improve health and nutrition, education, economic inclusion, agriculture and food security, and early childhood development. Implemented across Africa and Asia, all of these programs promote gender equality, community engagement, and environmental sustainability to ensure long-lasting progress that leaves no one behind.  

What is Aga Khan Foundation Canada?

Aga Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC) is an international development organization and registered charity. AKFC partners with communities, businesses, and governments to find innovative, lasting solutions to global challenges. Working in Africa and Asia, the Foundation invests in local institutions and systems that anchor progress over the long term.  

In Canada, AKFC mobilizes funding and expertise, and promotes awareness of global issues. AKFC is an agency of the Aga Khan Development Network, one of the world’s most comprehensive development organizations. Since 1980, AKFC has helped millions of women and men to unlock their own potential to build a better life. 

How does AKFC help communities in Africa and Asia to build better futures?

Poverty is complex, so AKFC works on many fronts to support local solutions to global development challenges. AKFC programs focus on improving access to quality education and health care, improving agriculture and food security, creating economic opportunities for women and men, and building strong, resilient communities and local institutions that can sustain progress over the long term.  

We promote gender equality in all of our programs, to empower women, girls, and their communities to break down gender barriers and build a more equal world. Recognizing that a healthy environment is crucial for humans to thrive, our programs address issues of environmental sustainability, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and encourage creative solutions to the challenges facing our planet. Working with a range of partners, we promote long-term, inclusive development where men and women have the keys to unlock a better future. 

How does AKFC implement its programs?

Experienced, local professionals and partner organizations implement AKFC’s overseas programs. They draw on Canadian and global expertise where needed to build local skills and knowledge, which helps sustain improvements over the long term. 

Canadian staff members work closely with local colleagues. Our staff visit projects regularly to provide additional support, assess progress, and report on results. Independent audits and evaluations ensure accountability and the effective use of resources, as well as help AKFC identify lessons and best practices to strengthen its programs. 

What does AKFC do in Canada?

AKFC provides a range of opportunities for Canadians from coast to coast to take action for a better world. We hold diverse events – such as exhibitions, interactive workshops, and speaker series – for the public to learn about global development. AKFC’s fellowship and technical assistance programs help channel Canadian skills and expertise to support our work overseas. Targeted activities and resources promote learning and exchange within the Canadian development sector, and provide tools for educators to incorporate global issues into their classrooms.  

Thanks to our committed volunteers across the country, the World Partnership Walk and World Partnership Golf events raise millions of dollars every year to support our work in Africa and Asia. 

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