Civil Society

Civil Society

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Mahayuddin and Aftar Gul live in the community of Garam Chashma in northern Pakistan. They developed leadership skills through a local program, and are now training other young Pakistanis to reactivate youth organizations in their community.

Garam Chashma is in the Chitral district of Pakistan, where more than 60 percent of the population is under the age of 25. Despite steady gains in education – often outpacing other parts of Pakistan – many young women and men in this region face barriers to entering the labour market and participating in civic activities.

Youth organizations provide a forum for young people to identify priorities and work together to address challenges in their communities, such as a lack of opportunities for employment or recreation.

Support to youth organizations is just one way that you are contributing to Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s initiatives to foster tomorrow’s leaders in northern Pakistan. Programs also work to include young people in broader village organizations and decision-making bodies, and provide skills training to ensure that youth can contribute financially to their families and communities.

When young people are empowered to participate in the economy and local civil society, they can respond effectively to emerging social, economic, and political issues, and can work together to underwrite the stability and prosperity of their region.

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